Friday, December 09, 2005

This a conversation btwn me n my good friend vero,at office

sanjegup@in.ib... HI
vdayalan@in.ib... u must me wondering y i am pinging
sanjegup@in.ib... no just wanted to knw why have u blocked anonymous comments u dont want any one to comment]
sanjegup@in.ib... i din't block
sanjegup@in.ib... i'll ceck ok it says no anonymous comments only blogger if u dont want anyone to comment no issues
sanjegup@in.ib... no ,no i'll check then u can comment ok fine
sanjegup@in.ib... refresh n check now will do thanks
sanjegup@in.ib... cool
sanjegup@in.ib... check ,i have updated my profile photo ohhhhhhh ok i cant see!!
sanjegup@in.ib... wat?
sanjegup@in.ib... which blog r u checkin simons rambling
sanjegup@in.ib... yeah
vdayalan@in.ib... or simons wandering
sanjegup@in.ib... both are same
vdayalan@in.ib... yeah i know
sanjegup@in.ib... 53 people have viewd my profiule might be i am confused i can only see a ok handsome guy in the profile
vdayalan@in.ib... is that you by any chance?
vdayalan@in.ib... :)
sanjegup@in.ib... yeah that handsome guy is me
sanjegup@in.ib... handsome n dashing oh nooooooo
vdayalan@in.ib... i cant belive
vdayalan@in.ib... just kidding , the photo is gud
sanjegup@in.ib... i know ,
vdayalan@in.ib... did u see my comment
sanjegup@in.ib... i'll check
vdayalan@in.ib... last week
vdayalan@in.ib... not now
sanjegup@in.ib... on which post check out will not tel
sanjegup@in.ib... i'll have check every post then gud luck
sanjegup@in.ib... hmm
sanjegup@in.ib... it was in my first post na
sanjegup@in.ib... tell about my blog to all your female freinds ok u post this in the blog will do it
sanjegup@in.ib... post wat the one which u requested me
sanjegup@in.ib... ok i'll post the entire conversation
sanjegup@in.ib... done ok
sanjegup@in.ib... 5 min

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Money Money

I see people all around me earing money thru web page and blog .Even I am tryin do somthing simillar but crap can't get hold of it.Sign up here and there and ending up with thousand user id and password ,how am i suppose to remember all that shit.To top it all we have another thousand password at office .Been thinkin of buyin a PDA for storing all that crap but to buy it I need money and to earn money I need to remember these password.Its a fuckin cycle that doesn't stop spining .

I've always known that ther is an entrepreneur in me ,but bastard isn't comin out.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Birthday (not mine)

God its been long since I made a post...actualy I had forgoten my password.Thanks to Naveen I got it back.Its his B'day today he has grown a year older ,he is not the only one growing old there is Blonde too.Naveen's treat looks promising but Blonde has just promised cakes on monday and she did not metion the size of the cake she would be given.I guess have to spend money buying food on monday,damn it!
Many happy returns of the day Naveen and Blonde.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Thursday, March 03, 2005


I am gettin bugged in office now ,with nothing to do and my friend just mentioned he is takin a half day on monday.Hez goin for the Mark konfler concert .Good to know that he got the permission BY TELLING THE TRUTH.I just thought wat if they had not got the permission,wat excuse would have they have givin .Lets list wat excuse they could give or if v want leave wat excuse can v give.

1) Ok for this one u need some planning and preparation.Like a....... if u wana leave on monday u should start prepairing for it from saturday.Do not take bath on saturday and sunday ,drink a lot also do not take bath on monday aswel.Don't where flashy cloths on monday where the dullest ,oldest stuff u have.when u entre the office do not say Hi sweety ,hello dude n all those crape.Keep a face as though no one has potatoes since 2 days.Sit for an hour or two ,then go to your manager and tell him u r not well since past 2 days but still managed to come to office ,but can't continue any more and wana go home seeing your condition your manager will definatly let u go .Advantage off this is "U GET A LEAVE BUT ,STILL NOT MARKED ABSENT".

If u think the first idea wont work there ,here is nother one "only for the brave hearts and those who would go to any lengths to get a leave

2)OK for this one u can take bath , doing potty on sunday and if u can on saturday also (tat's to much to ask for isnt it ,but depends on one's capabilty and WILL power ).
awrit back to topic on monday also dont do potty.Eat lots off boiled eggs ,radish ,potatoes (eat wat ever u think produces bio-gas).come to office say Hi sweety ..hello dude n stuff .Dont eat any thing people offer say stomach is upset.I am sure by now u must be holding back a lot off BIO-GASS.Just when u think u can't hold back any more,tat's the time u go to your manager and tell him tat u need to go home as u have a stomach is upset,at that very moment let go wind inside u "If it comes out with music TAT'S even better".Say the manager and run towards the loo as if your pant's on fire.When u come back u might not find the manager at his desk but u will surelly find a note on his desk written "Leave granted".

STATUTORY WARNING:Implement this idea only in case of life n death cause after this your image in office wont be any better than the "wind u let go".

I'll update as n when i get new ideas(if u have some please let me know)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Have u ever thought or noticed girls use so many standard comments .There r so many of them so I thought lets compile it.If u know some Please let me know.Lets c how many do v come up with.I know few off them.I'll update it as n when I come across more off them.
1) Very funny
2)My foot
3)Big deal
4)Go to hell
5)Tell me something I don't know
6)I know
7)So sweet
8)So cute
12)your head
13)just shutup
14)i was not speeking to u
15)Absolute non-sence
16)Bull shit

Friday, February 25, 2005

My first crush

Since my dad was in the Indian Army we have been to almost all corners of the country and have lots of fond memories,but non so vivd as the one in siliguri .I guess its the first time I fell for a girl in 7th standard .There was this girl called Niti ,she was well... prity atleast to me .It was couple of months that I had a crush on her and one day I decide to confess it to her .Mid-term exams were on ,English was the first one I finished my paper thinking i'll get out of the class soon and wait for her .I pulled out my cycle from the parking lot and stood near the gate waitng for her ,I thought i'll confess to her and take her home on my cycle.Well she did come near the gate spoke to me and also went boarded her bus and went away .This continued for the next 2 days.On the fourth, day I still don't know which jack ass told her wat i felt .I was waiting near the gate sitting on my cycle and eating bhel puri and there she was coming with her friend I could sence something is wrong.She comes to and say's "I know wat u wana say".I was in a fix .I asked her"wat".she say's u love me isnt it.I din't have any words to speak.I asked her wat do u think about me .The answer was the regular one liner girls use "I always thought u were like my brother".Thats it my heart sunk in ,it was like end of the world for .without speaking a single word i took my cycle and went awy thinking I already have a elder sister why does god wana give me one more.The next day after my exam as i was eating bhel puri I saw her coming alone .I was shiting bricke thinking she was not done yesterday and is gona scold the hell out off me .I even din't get my cycle so that i could ride away.Then as usal a brilliant idea struck me ,If she scolds me I would tell that I was just joking .She walks up to and say's "yesterday I was just kidding I really like u ".Premptively i spoke out "I was just joking yesterday,I din't mean it". Trying to save herself from embarisment she spoke out "even i am kidding".I realised wat the hell did i speek out I immidetly reverted back saying "no I really like u".Now Niti was in a fix.Unexpectedly she say "really then even I like U.It was such a relife .U can compare it to relife and joy when u've found a toilet after 2 hour off holding it back and then letting it go (u know wat...... I guess wat ever u think).
Thats not the end off it there is still to it.As i have written i used to get my cycle to school,so that once i propose her I would drop her home on my cycle .But that day i didn't get my cycle and she got her cycle .Our house was about 6km from the school.Naturally asked me if i would go on her cycle and I obliged (how could i miss the opportunity).It was a ladies cycle so i couldn't sit on the front bar,"which i would have loved to ....and was also hopping for" any way i sat behind ie on the carrier.Half way down the road about a km she stoped and asked me to ride the cycle since she was tired.I was like "wat the hell i won't ride a ladies cycle wat if my freinds see me ,they are gona laugh at me".I told her "it was u who asked me to come along not the other way round".she replyd "u r the guy u should be riding it ".I told her no way I am gona ride a ladies cycle.I guess she got syked out .she picked up a stone and before i could react it was on my leg and me on the ground .She just left me their in the middle off no where I would b lucky to even see an Army truck let alone a civilian.I was bleeding and in pain, sitting their tring to hold back my tears.I did wait for some one to pass by but no luck.I had to walk back home 5 kilometers ,limping.I still have that mark.Lucky me ,she didn't throw it on my face.That was the end of my affair .

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

sangam photo Posted by Hello

sangam photo Posted by Hello

sangam photo Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I am at office n so hungry i guess my kidneys would have been digested by now.The cafeteria sucks too.Just tryin to figure out where do i go to eat.K guess i got to go to the cafeteria no where else to go since i havent got my vehical.

My first post

This is my first post actually i got introduced to it by my friends Anwin and Naveen .Thought its a good idea for time pass so here I am blogging .Its a good way to kill time i guess .Since i have lots off it I am a millionare in that sence.