Thursday, December 06, 2007

Club issues warning to British pensioner for farting

LONDON (AFP) - A British pensioner has been ordered out of his local social club for breaking wind too loudly, which "disgusted" fellow members, media reports said Wednesday.

Maurice Fox, 77, received a letter from Kirkham Street Sports and Social Club in Paignton, south-west England, about his overly-audible flatulence, asking him to go outside when necessary.

"It's only a little bit of wind -- it doesn't really hurt anyone. I sit by the door anyway and try to get out when I can. But sometimes it takes me by surprise and just pops out," he said, quoted by The Guardian daily.

"I think someone has complained about the noise. I am a loud farter, but there is no smell," he added, noted that "there is no smell at all since I gave up the cider and started on the Bass (a type of beer)."

The letter from the club committee confirmed that others had been disturbed.

"After several complaints regarding your continual breaking of wind (farting) while in the club, would you please consider that your actions are considered disgusting to fellow members and visitors," it said.

"You sit close to the front door, so would you please go outside when required. So please take heed of this request," it added.

Fox -- who said he gets no complaints at another nearby club he attends two days a week -- voiced surprise that he had received no oral warning before the written complaint.

But he admitted they had a point. "I do not think it is unreasonable, you get ladies in there," he said.

"The ladies find it a bit rude but the men have a chuckle. My wife died seven years ago and I live on my own so I might have lost a few social graces. But I was surprised to get the letter from the committee."