Friday, February 25, 2005

My first crush

Since my dad was in the Indian Army we have been to almost all corners of the country and have lots of fond memories,but non so vivd as the one in siliguri .I guess its the first time I fell for a girl in 7th standard .There was this girl called Niti ,she was well... prity atleast to me .It was couple of months that I had a crush on her and one day I decide to confess it to her .Mid-term exams were on ,English was the first one I finished my paper thinking i'll get out of the class soon and wait for her .I pulled out my cycle from the parking lot and stood near the gate waitng for her ,I thought i'll confess to her and take her home on my cycle.Well she did come near the gate spoke to me and also went boarded her bus and went away .This continued for the next 2 days.On the fourth, day I still don't know which jack ass told her wat i felt .I was waiting near the gate sitting on my cycle and eating bhel puri and there she was coming with her friend I could sence something is wrong.She comes to and say's "I know wat u wana say".I was in a fix .I asked her"wat".she say's u love me isnt it.I din't have any words to speak.I asked her wat do u think about me .The answer was the regular one liner girls use "I always thought u were like my brother".Thats it my heart sunk in ,it was like end of the world for .without speaking a single word i took my cycle and went awy thinking I already have a elder sister why does god wana give me one more.The next day after my exam as i was eating bhel puri I saw her coming alone .I was shiting bricke thinking she was not done yesterday and is gona scold the hell out off me .I even din't get my cycle so that i could ride away.Then as usal a brilliant idea struck me ,If she scolds me I would tell that I was just joking .She walks up to and say's "yesterday I was just kidding I really like u ".Premptively i spoke out "I was just joking yesterday,I din't mean it". Trying to save herself from embarisment she spoke out "even i am kidding".I realised wat the hell did i speek out I immidetly reverted back saying "no I really like u".Now Niti was in a fix.Unexpectedly she say "really then even I like U.It was such a relife .U can compare it to relife and joy when u've found a toilet after 2 hour off holding it back and then letting it go (u know wat...... I guess wat ever u think).
Thats not the end off it there is still to it.As i have written i used to get my cycle to school,so that once i propose her I would drop her home on my cycle .But that day i didn't get my cycle and she got her cycle .Our house was about 6km from the school.Naturally asked me if i would go on her cycle and I obliged (how could i miss the opportunity).It was a ladies cycle so i couldn't sit on the front bar,"which i would have loved to ....and was also hopping for" any way i sat behind ie on the carrier.Half way down the road about a km she stoped and asked me to ride the cycle since she was tired.I was like "wat the hell i won't ride a ladies cycle wat if my freinds see me ,they are gona laugh at me".I told her "it was u who asked me to come along not the other way round".she replyd "u r the guy u should be riding it ".I told her no way I am gona ride a ladies cycle.I guess she got syked out .she picked up a stone and before i could react it was on my leg and me on the ground .She just left me their in the middle off no where I would b lucky to even see an Army truck let alone a civilian.I was bleeding and in pain, sitting their tring to hold back my tears.I did wait for some one to pass by but no luck.I had to walk back home 5 kilometers ,limping.I still have that mark.Lucky me ,she didn't throw it on my face.That was the end of my affair .

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

sangam photo Posted by Hello

sangam photo Posted by Hello

sangam photo Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I am at office n so hungry i guess my kidneys would have been digested by now.The cafeteria sucks too.Just tryin to figure out where do i go to eat.K guess i got to go to the cafeteria no where else to go since i havent got my vehical.

My first post

This is my first post actually i got introduced to it by my friends Anwin and Naveen .Thought its a good idea for time pass so here I am blogging .Its a good way to kill time i guess .Since i have lots off it I am a millionare in that sence.