Friday, January 19, 2007

Mortal combat again.

Today Anup proudly said he installed mortal combat 4 ,and wanted to beat me .
But he would not have thought in his wildest dream that he won't win a single game.
I must say he tried his best ,but that wasn't good enough.
Devastated by the lose he gave up ,though he tried to give many excusses but none matterd

Any way I won't be in town for 10 days ,so he seems to have ample time to to practice hard and come up to my level.
Best of luck dude

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Two friends

After long time I found 2 good friends at ML ,Thanuja and Bhargav.I share a good frequency with them.Atleast they under stand what i speak.
Both of them are crazy ,brainless people.All they know it bunking huddels and chit chating.
I'll explain how they are,

Bhargav---> He wanted off so,he deviced a plan.One day he said his mom that he would go upstairs to get the cloths.Then tried to come down hoping on one leg ,then lifted that leg also and he fell down,he was very happy that he broke his hand and would get a week off from his office .Then he went to the doctor to get a medical certificate .But the doctor said that its just a fracture.
Bhargav was heart broken,he came to office and had to do floor walk all day.This made him more angry and determined .Next day he took an off,he told his mom that he wanted the to get the cloths today aswell,he went up determined than ever before.he poped a banana in his mouth threw the peel in front of and sliped on it.within 5 seconds he was moaning with pain as his hand had swolen up ,the pain was unbareble.But Bhargav happy within ,thinking that no one can stop him from getting a leave.
He went to the doctor confidently,but as soon as doctor saw his hand he said its only a severe sprain and n ot a fracture.This devastated Bhargav ,he had no strenght left in for a third try.
He resinged to his fate and came to office with a big bandage on his hand.

Moral of the story:Nothing happen before it suppose to happen.

Thanuja--> She has a big, nasty ,dangerous german shepard dog ,She is adament that its still a puppy !
I haven't seen how big or strong her guy is,hence i am not writing about her now
I am going to kolkata ,will write from there.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I am goin to kolkata

I am goin to kolkata for 10 days ,everyone there warning me that it would be cold there.
But i know as usal when i go there it wouldn't be cold and half of my baggag would warm cloths and blankets,which i have to carry back again .
But nerver the less the train journey should be really good,i ve always loved traveling by train.
should have become an engin driver !