Sunday, September 10, 2006

Vande Mataram

Not sure y did they creat such a fuss about the nationl song, come on its been like this for over 50 years. No one had any problem with and now suddenly every ones taking about it.
All the polotical parties are pitching in ,looks like they have run out of topics.
Personly i like this song its got a great patriotic feel to it.
Its very rare to see our politicians talk about any issue with so much passion.
The only thing that they know to says every day ,is that v r proud to be indians.
Y because v have the largest number of people living under poverty,
Y becase v have the 2nd largest number of people affected by AIDS.
Becase v have some of the biggest slum of asia .
Becasue we lead the list of most corrupte nation.

I know our country has made great progress in the past 1.5 decade, but if v had done a little more.....