Friday, March 25, 2005

Thursday, March 03, 2005


I am gettin bugged in office now ,with nothing to do and my friend just mentioned he is takin a half day on monday.Hez goin for the Mark konfler concert .Good to know that he got the permission BY TELLING THE TRUTH.I just thought wat if they had not got the permission,wat excuse would have they have givin .Lets list wat excuse they could give or if v want leave wat excuse can v give.

1) Ok for this one u need some planning and preparation.Like a....... if u wana leave on monday u should start prepairing for it from saturday.Do not take bath on saturday and sunday ,drink a lot also do not take bath on monday aswel.Don't where flashy cloths on monday where the dullest ,oldest stuff u have.when u entre the office do not say Hi sweety ,hello dude n all those crape.Keep a face as though no one has potatoes since 2 days.Sit for an hour or two ,then go to your manager and tell him u r not well since past 2 days but still managed to come to office ,but can't continue any more and wana go home seeing your condition your manager will definatly let u go .Advantage off this is "U GET A LEAVE BUT ,STILL NOT MARKED ABSENT".

If u think the first idea wont work there ,here is nother one "only for the brave hearts and those who would go to any lengths to get a leave

2)OK for this one u can take bath , doing potty on sunday and if u can on saturday also (tat's to much to ask for isnt it ,but depends on one's capabilty and WILL power ).
awrit back to topic on monday also dont do potty.Eat lots off boiled eggs ,radish ,potatoes (eat wat ever u think produces bio-gas).come to office say Hi sweety ..hello dude n stuff .Dont eat any thing people offer say stomach is upset.I am sure by now u must be holding back a lot off BIO-GASS.Just when u think u can't hold back any more,tat's the time u go to your manager and tell him tat u need to go home as u have a stomach is upset,at that very moment let go wind inside u "If it comes out with music TAT'S even better".Say the manager and run towards the loo as if your pant's on fire.When u come back u might not find the manager at his desk but u will surelly find a note on his desk written "Leave granted".

STATUTORY WARNING:Implement this idea only in case of life n death cause after this your image in office wont be any better than the "wind u let go".

I'll update as n when i get new ideas(if u have some please let me know)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Have u ever thought or noticed girls use so many standard comments .There r so many of them so I thought lets compile it.If u know some Please let me know.Lets c how many do v come up with.I know few off them.I'll update it as n when I come across more off them.
1) Very funny
2)My foot
3)Big deal
4)Go to hell
5)Tell me something I don't know
6)I know
7)So sweet
8)So cute
12)your head
13)just shutup
14)i was not speeking to u
15)Absolute non-sence
16)Bull shit