Friday, February 22, 2008

Indiblogger Meet Bangalore

It happend on 16/02/2008. It was really awesome, ok I am writting it a little late but then if you see my past post they have been copy past's. You see I just can't get myself to write when I don't feel like and most of the time I don't. Coming back to the topic, it happend in Microsoft Bangalore. I met so many different kinds of people who are passionate about writing some very pasionate about the topics they write. One guy who stood out was comradechakra with his stories about red panties and sex on A380, this guy had amazing sense of humor ( not just b'cause he spoke about red panties and sex) . I can't discribe it but it was kinda subtle, kinda humor at which our Sidhu won't laugh at ( you see it won't penetrate deep enough INTO HIS HEAD)
Note: It won't penetrate deep enough, Not because of his turban.

Then there were guys who had fatwa against them for writing some posts I think he was a guy from mutiny . Though he din't say what he wrote about to earn the fatwah. I did try to find some inflammatory post in that blog by putting in some nasty words in search, but I gave up.

Then there was this guy from Lead cap I think his name was Sandeep. Though he was passionate about leadership and we as nation should produce more leaders, stuff like that. I agree he is doing something good, but some how it didn't create the impact.

We also had to introduce ourself one by one. At first I thought its gona be same boring thing that we did in our school days when a new teacher replaces the old one. But it turned out to be fun as they spoke about their blogs and what they write. One guy also gave suggestion that we should compansate the Auto walas with some money every month by putting adds on the Autos so that they don't charge us extra. Atleast he was thinking of doing somthing to put and end to the trouble bangloreans face with transport. But I din't really agree with his suggestion ( I'll write why some other day).

Their were lots interesting people there, but now I am running out of patience ( I already spent some time figuring out what the spelling of patience is. I had to Google it) to write bout them.
Many people tell me to use MS word to check spellings, but I always find solace in Google when I am connected to the net.

Indiblogger is organising meets in Hydrabad and Pune on 01/03/2008 at 16:00 and 15/03/2008 at 17:00 respectively. You can register in Indiblogger for the same. I can assure you will have great time if you can attend.

Ok i'll leave for the day.