Friday, July 26, 2013

Let's Laugh At Ourselves!

There is a lot of brouhaha over how movies stereotype people from other region. Specially due to Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika padukone starer "Chennai express". I am sure the producers would not mind the media attention its getting.

Racism is not just one way traffic that flows from North India to south India, Its omnidirectional  People from North who stay and work in South crib about the food, language and other things, same with people of south who stay in North, they crib about the same stuff. Bengali's, Bihari's and people from that entire East India, do crib when they travel and vise verse when people from West Indian states like Gujarat and Rajasthan go cross country. India is a land steeped in varied customs and culture. And many people have not traveled out of their villages to experience other cultures and states. Hence its natural to speculate about things you have not seen and they spread it too. Don't Tamil movies stereotype north Indians as sethiji, sardars as dumb and these characters are supposed to directly/indirectly elicit laughter from the audience. How many Tamil movies are there with hero's as north Indians? In south many people think all from North speak Hindi, is this correct? So to pin point one section of the country for racism is wrong. We all need to correct ourselves from within.(I have given example of only Tamil movie, same applies with Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Oriya, Marathi, Bengali and the list goes on)

Movie industry is a commercial Industry and runs on profit. So it would show what sells. If you do not like something do not watch it. Haven't movie industry across India stereotyped Bengali's as nerds, who speak in heavy bong accent (I am a bong and speak a normal accent...and...I think I am not a nerd!), Punjabi's as dumb, Bihari's and UP's as goons, people from west i.e. Gujarati's and Rajasthan are cast as marwadi's and hence stingy, all people from east India are shown as goorkhas.

In India every region is associated with a caricature, we can either huff and puff and point fingers at each other and say how nasty they are OR take it with a pinch of salt and enjoy ourselves being made fun off. Because fun is always at the expense of others. Just think when was the last time you laughed at a street light, at a tree out side your house or a stone on the road? We always laugh making fun of someone, girls make fun of boys, boys make fun of girls, we make fun of colleagues in office and of friends. When others make fun of you, you get an equal opportunity to make fun of them. On the whole we all get to laugh a lot and concentrate on much more serious issues effecting us.

Lets not fuel intolerance and forget to laugh at OURSELVES!