Thursday, September 02, 2010

SubWay - Sub Standard Food

After a long time(Almost 3 years) I went to Subway(Indiranagar), was really hungry and wanted to eat some Veg and non-veg lunch. I selected what I wanted to eat on the net so that I don't wast time selecting it there. I wanted to eat Chicken, Turkey and roasted lamb sub. When we reached there Lamb was not there in the menu, so I decided to eat Chicken and Turkey sub instead. It looked big and good, but my first bite reveled a hair in it. I did not make a fuss of it and informed the guys of it, they gave me another sub, but just as was about to finish it I found another hair. This totatly put me off. I complained to the guys there but they ignored it and looked at me as if I had put it in it.

It was just not me, my friend who is a hardcore vegi found a chicken feather in his Veg-Sub. I can understand a piece of chicken, BUT a chicken feather? Thats not acceptable to a non-vegi let alone and veg guy. So my friend decided to call the outlet manager (Sanjay Bajaj). The only thing he kept repeating was it will not happen again, but now since it has happened he can't do anything about it. Thats for quality control. Have posted the pics of the Sub too(one with hair). Forgot to take pics of the one with chicken feather.