Friday, December 09, 2005

This a conversation btwn me n my good friend vero,at office

sanjegup@in.ib... HI
vdayalan@in.ib... u must me wondering y i am pinging
sanjegup@in.ib... no just wanted to knw why have u blocked anonymous comments u dont want any one to comment]
sanjegup@in.ib... i din't block
sanjegup@in.ib... i'll ceck ok it says no anonymous comments only blogger if u dont want anyone to comment no issues
sanjegup@in.ib... no ,no i'll check then u can comment ok fine
sanjegup@in.ib... refresh n check now will do thanks
sanjegup@in.ib... cool
sanjegup@in.ib... check ,i have updated my profile photo ohhhhhhh ok i cant see!!
sanjegup@in.ib... wat?
sanjegup@in.ib... which blog r u checkin simons rambling
sanjegup@in.ib... yeah
vdayalan@in.ib... or simons wandering
sanjegup@in.ib... both are same
vdayalan@in.ib... yeah i know
sanjegup@in.ib... 53 people have viewd my profiule might be i am confused i can only see a ok handsome guy in the profile
vdayalan@in.ib... is that you by any chance?
vdayalan@in.ib... :)
sanjegup@in.ib... yeah that handsome guy is me
sanjegup@in.ib... handsome n dashing oh nooooooo
vdayalan@in.ib... i cant belive
vdayalan@in.ib... just kidding , the photo is gud
sanjegup@in.ib... i know ,
vdayalan@in.ib... did u see my comment
sanjegup@in.ib... i'll check
vdayalan@in.ib... last week
vdayalan@in.ib... not now
sanjegup@in.ib... on which post check out will not tel
sanjegup@in.ib... i'll have check every post then gud luck
sanjegup@in.ib... hmm
sanjegup@in.ib... it was in my first post na
sanjegup@in.ib... tell about my blog to all your female freinds ok u post this in the blog will do it
sanjegup@in.ib... post wat the one which u requested me
sanjegup@in.ib... ok i'll post the entire conversation
sanjegup@in.ib... done ok
sanjegup@in.ib... 5 min

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Money Money

I see people all around me earing money thru web page and blog .Even I am tryin do somthing simillar but crap can't get hold of it.Sign up here and there and ending up with thousand user id and password ,how am i suppose to remember all that shit.To top it all we have another thousand password at office .Been thinkin of buyin a PDA for storing all that crap but to buy it I need money and to earn money I need to remember these password.Its a fuckin cycle that doesn't stop spining .

I've always known that ther is an entrepreneur in me ,but bastard isn't comin out.